In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the compassionate praise to be to Allah, the Lord of all worlds, and prayer be upon His prophet Mohammed, his hawsehole and companions.

Sundus company was launched in implementation of Almighty order “Thou shall seek the after life but shall not forget your share in this world”, and in obedience to saying of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) “The Good word is an alm” Sundus company was established in 2003 and Allah helped us with a magnificent product by his eminence Dr. Ahmed Al Kubeisi, that is, a series of the prophets’ stories, under the heading “The Best Stories”, recorded and broadcast via Dubai TV. Dr. Al Kubeisi granted the copyrights to AlSundus in the form of a cassette and AV CD. This product which consisted of 40 cassettes, in 4 parts, each consists of ten cassettes, and 40 CDs, was our initial step. The product was marketed in a very nice and elegant box. Besides, it was sold at a low rate as our objective was to make a little profit so that every Muslim could obtain it. After this success, the company made a strong presence among produces and investors in this sector. As a result, many agencies proposed that we become their distributors. We took some of these such as AlSindibad company in Egypt, and we started to distribute the original product in UAE for the Islam herald Amr Khalid and Dr. Sheikh Yusef Algharadhawi, Sheikh Omar Abdul Kafi and other products by AlSindibad Company.

Sada bin AlKhattab Agency granted us their copy right of Holy Quran records recited by Sheikh Mishari Alaffasi, sheikh Saad Alghamdi, Sheikh Khalid Alqahtani, and Sheikh Mohamed Albarrak. Our company distributed these records in UAE in addition to recitations of Islamic anthems by Sheikh Mishari such as “My Nostalgia, My Little Heart, and Eyes of Serpents” Forther, we obtained the agency of Garnadha masterpieces that include some of the Quranic recitations by Sheikh Ahmed Alajmi and an album of religions songs entitled “we bad thee farewell”. Through our presence in the market, we have noticed a high demand on the Holy Quran records in various forms. We have noted also that they reach the Muslim consumer at high prices though the products were of low plastic quality.

Therefore, we decided to present the Holy Quran CDs and records with high quality and the litest state of the art technology at lower prices. This is part of our mission in speading the good work and the instructions of Islam, especially that the Quran is our constitution and the word of God. Thus, it was necessary to get involved in this honest effect. Therefore, we produced recorded recitations by the Sheikhs of the Mecca and Madina holy Shannes. The products more of high quality and beautiful forms. They included recitations by Sheikh Abdul Rahman AlSides, Sheikh Saud AlSherim and the joint rending of the two, and then the records of Sheikh Ali Alhidheify. Thereafter, we were ship of the Cairo Voice, Egypt, for their products of the puranic records in the voices of the late readers and reciters Abdul basit Abdul Samad, Mohamad Alhusari, and Mohamad Sidiq Alminshawi. The products were to be distributed in KSA and the Gulf. Beside, we produced the records of the late sheikh Mohamed M. Sho’rawi, entitled “Quranic Indeas”, the work was a hit in the market. This was enhanced by the contribution of the famous Islamic reciter Ahmed Bu Khatir who fund in us a sublime objective to spread the good word accompanied by the beautiful voice that deeply affects hearts. So, Ahmed Bu Khatir joined us and his first product was entitled “Let Me” followed by “Ments” as well as some intermittent charity works.

After this widespread acpss the would of Sundus, many reciters and Islamic anthems singers sought our company. Many of the outstanding reciters joined us. The list includes the famos global reciters Sami Yusef, the Saudi Sameer Albisheri, Mohamed Almazim, the Syrian Moutasim Alasali who be came a ster through the Sharjah TV programs, and the Egyptian Sayed Ammar Abdul fatah, for his Quranic readings of some verses.

The list includes alro sheikh Abdul Kareem Tatan who is know for his lectures, “with Allah in interpreting the meanings of the Holy Quran, Dr. Mohamed Fathi Alhariri whose lectures took the title of “To the Muslim Girl, we may Test you with plights and Fasting is a paradise”

Al Sundus company joined the Arab Electronic Association which was established under the directives of H.H Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Alqasimi, member of the UAE supreme council and Ruler of Sharjah.

This is a short introduction to Al Sundus career. We pray to Almighty Allah to lead us on the straight path and make our work for His sublime Face, adding merits to our and your good works.